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Leah Vela

I love new crayons~ sharp tips, a multitude of colors, cleverly named and neatly wrapped, the smell of fresh wax waiting to create a masterpiece... 

        My students are that new box of crayons each year~ sharply dressed, a multitude of personalities—each one unique, fresh, beautiful, and eager.

        This year, I look forward to experiencing the colors each student has inside and to seeing how we will decorate the lives of each other and all those around us.  I wait excitedly to watch another year of growth in the life of each precious child unfold before my eyes as we discover and learn new and wonderful colors to add to the palette that will create each of our masterpieces.

                                                                                          Leah Vela 2022-2023



All About Me 

Since my father was in the US Air Force, I was born in Germany and lived in many different places throughout my younger years. After graduating from Clovis High School in New Mexico, I attended The University of Texas at Austin then got my first teaching job in San Antonio, Texas. I taught in Northside ISD for 17 years before moving to the Dallas area in 2008 with my husband and children. 


I have a loving, wonderful husband, Charles, and three beautiful children. My son Jesse is starting his senior year at Texas A&M-Commerce as a Music Performance and Education major. My daughter Charis is starting her sophomore year at The University of Texas at Dallas and studies cellular and molecular biology.  My "baby" daughter Solenne turned 9 in April. She loves swimming, jumping on the trampoline in the sprinkler, watching movies, and playing with her toys. We also have Penny, our sweet but spoiled 3-year-old rescue dog. 


I enjoy writing poetry and short stories, cooking, reading, and gardening in my "spare" time, but most of all, I love being a mom, being with children, and teaching.


Educational Qualifications

Bachelor of Science in Applied Learning and Development with a minor in English from the University of Texas at Austin

Abydos Learning International—diamond level trainer