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Melany Porter » Welcome to Kindergarten!

Welcome to Kindergarten!

My name is Melany Porter.  I am so excited to be starting my 22nd year of teaching- mostly in kindergarten!  A little about me:  I am married to Steve who works as an Engineer at Raytheon.  We have 3 kids:  Ayden is in 11th grade, Jackson is in 10th grade and Isabella is in 5th grade at Sloan Creek.  Ayden and Jackson are very involved in Boy Scouts and are both very close to completing their Eagle Scout requirements.  Isabella is my little dancer and has recently found a love of horseback riding!  We also have a sweet King Charles Cavalier dog named Sophie.  My kindergartener's will hear all kinds of Sophie stories- she is a stinker!  I also have a class pet- a sweet bunny named "Peanut."  She is still a baby, but we are hoping to train her to be a "reading buddy" or just for some snuggle therapy.   
When I am not busy being a mommy, kid-taxi driver or kinder teacher,  I love to go to the movies and really love to shop!  My favorite "escape" is the beach.  My family goes to Florida almost every summer for a week-long escape to paradise.  
What is important to me as your child's first teacher?  Relationships!  I want to build a strong relationship with your child and you - right from the beginning.  I feel that if your child knows that I love and will take good care of them, they will feel comfortable enough to learn.  I work hard to make my classroom a "safe place" for your child.  I want them to feel safe to take risks, grow and even make mistakes.  I will push them in a loving, fun way to make sure that their kindergarten year is a great start to their educational career. 
I want my kindergarten students to love school.  We will play, dance, sing and even get silly sometimes - and I promise you - we will be learning! 
I can't wait to get to know my new students and families this year- this just might be the best year of kindergarten yet!