Parents » Materials Pickup/Dropoff 2020

Materials Pickup/Dropoff 2020

It is time to begin rounding up supplies for return to Puster! Items which will need to be returned:
  • Library Books
  • Leveled Library Books (Mrs. Shambaugh's books/bookbag books loaned from school)
  • Take Flight borrowed materials
  • Special Education borrowed devices/materials
  • iPads/Chromebooks checked out from PES
  • Medications (Nurse Janet will contact you - must be signed out with her)
Your teachers are rounding up desk and locker items to return to you at the same time! We have many items in Lost and Found! Please view this short video clip with a preview of items and let us know if you see something we need to grab to add to your supplies. All items will be donated after the last week of school.
Additionally, we hope our yearbooks arrive in time to include with your pick-up if you ordered.
I highly encourage you to come on your specific child's day. Grade level teachers will be there to greet your students and to give one more "goodbye." We know this will mean coming up on multiple days for those of you with siblings. If you'd like us to combine, let us know and we will make it happen.
The process: We will be waving you down to the front spot. To minimize contact, we ask that you stay in your car. Mrs. Emory and Mrs. Peabody will come by to collect all return materials. Another staff member will drop student materials in either your front passenger seat or an open trunk area. Our staff will be wearing masks. In an effort to reduce cross-contamination, we will not be wearing gloves, but rather sanitizing our hands between deliveries. You are welcome to have your windows down and safely say goodbye to our teachers and staff members as you pull through!