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Mystery Skype

We are looking for some Mystery Skype partners for 2017-18. Can you help?
**Although it is great fun to connect with another school, we are also open to connecting with groups or individuals who love working with kids. We just need someone who can listen to our questions and give some clues about their location. How cool would it be to connect with a farmer in the middle of a cornfield? Or a judge in a courthouse? A cell phone with Skype or Google Hangouts is all that is needed to connect! If you have a contact in another city, state, or country who would be willing to Skype during a school day, please contact Mrs. Smithwick.
Mystery Skype, open to K-4
We connect with others through the use of tools such as Skype or Google Hangouts. Mystery Skype is similar to a game of 20 Questions. Students take turns asking yes or no questions and work to determine the location of the Skype guest. For instance, we may start with, "Are you located in North America?" and may work our way to "Are you closer to the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean?" or "Is Sacramento your state capital?"
Experience with Mystery Skype will sharpen kids' critical thinking and geography skills. Help your student be ready for participation by discussing some of the following:
  • our hemisphere
  • our continent
  • our country
  • our time zone
  • our state and neighboring states
  • our state capital
  • famous landmarks
  • our location in relation to the Equator
  • our climate
  • our location in relation to the Mississippi River
  • large bodies of water-- Gulf of Mexico
  • neighboring countries