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Good is the enemy of great. Jim Collins

Leopard Leaders


Leopard Leaders are 4th grade student volunteers who work as special student helpers and set a positive example for others on our campus. Students who participate in this program have responsibilities throughout the building that may include: the library, the office, Specials classes, the computer labs, and throughout the hallways of Puster.

Leopard Leaders will be assigned one day per week to volunteer during 4th grade recess, from 10:30 to 11:00.

Thanks for your interest in being a Leopard Leader! 

The application for Leopard Leaders is now closed but will open in August 2017.



Ever wonder what the Leopard Leaders are up to each day? Well, here's the rundown of each important job:

Computer Lab: Tech savvy Leopard Leaders help to maintain the Computer Labs by ensuring computers are shut down properly when not in use, straightening chairs and cords at computer stations, recycling unwanted print jobs, and making notes of any computer issues so they can be corrected quickly.  


Kindergarten and First Grade: Teachers love the help of Leopard Leaders who enjoy working with younger students. These Leaders go to kindergarten or first grade classes to assist students with reading or learning games and activities or help teachers with any other responsibilities in the classroom.


Music: Ms. Tracy sings her appreciation for Leopards Leaders helping in the music room. There they organize, sort and highlight choir music, interact with students during music games and activities, and complete other tasks as needed.


Art: In the art room, Mr. R. utilizes the talents of creative Leopard Leaders as they clean art tools, organize materials, and help set up to prepare for inspired classes.


Physical Education: Coaches Smith and Rieff put the Leopard Leaders to work in the gym. They set up equipment, model sport or activity skills for classes or partner with students when there’s an odd number.


Library: For Leopard Leaders who just like to surround themselves with books, books, and more books, the library is the place to work. There they take checked in books from the cart and find their homes on the shelves. They also help keep the library in tip top shape by straightening books and putting series books in their proper order. As library experts, they can also assists students using the library to find books or check out.


Recycle Crew: Puster is proud to do its part to help the planet by recycling. This Leaders crew collects all recyclables from classrooms and workrooms to ensure they make it to the proper receptacle before Trash Day. These Leaders also create and star in public service reminders that air on the Puster Morning Show.