PusterElementary School

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We rise by lifting others.                                 You > Me                                       Kindness matters.                            Be the change you wish to see in the world.


Please complete when coming to the Makerspace.
Click HERE to see how well our students clean up the Makerspace before heading back to the classroom.
First graders say...
"My favorite was the Lego wall because you can make whatever you want."
"I like the battery-operated gears because you could make machines."
"The suction tools were open and I liked building a long little robot with Mac. It could stand up on its own."
Overheard during the first session...
"I have a lot of designs in my head."
"There's going to be a lot of trial and error."
"I think this is kind of like what my dad does. He's an engineer."
"It meets two of the criteria."
"I feel like a beta tester."
"I like to get really creative whenever I can."

Makerspace Norms
Ask for permission to share materials and ideas.
Be respectful and kind to everyone and everything.
It is okay to work alone or together. In a group or partnership, one person does not take ownership.
Use your inside voices.
Clean up after yourself.